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We offer companies, foundations and groups a chance to reduce their carbon footprint by investing in the marine environment.

Investing in Seagrass Restoration is so beneficial as it delivers many crucial ecosystem services. Firstly, you would be investing in one of the most efficient carbon sinks in the world, reducing your carbon emissions

However you are also investing in something that actively cleans the marine environment through nutrient cycling and stabilizing sediment, which improves water quality. This creates an incredibly important habitat for a host of marine species, which in turn boosts fish stocks.

All these ecosystem services make seagrass one of the most valuable ecosystems on the planet, and something we need to be investing in. Furthermore, seagrass itself is a beautiful ecosystem and is a very visually attractive investment. For these reasons seagrass restoration is incredibly marketable and an attractive investment for those who care and are passionate about the environmental credentials and image of their company, foundation or group.

With your investment, Seagrass Restoration Scotland will carry out a restoration project, and will provide you with all the details for marketing your investment, as well as professional underwater footage of the work carried out for you

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Seagrass Restoration Scotland Ltd is a registered company SC633552