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We are a Non Profit with a mission to restore seagrass in Scotland

Our Planets’ oceans are by far the largest carbon sink in the world. However, as humankind’s impact on the planet ever increases, we are removing vast areas of important blue carbon ecosystems, resulting in the oceans becoming less efficient at storing carbon. One of these important blue carbon ecosystems is seagrass. Seagrass is currently declining by 7% annually across the globe. This decline is resulting in carbon stored over thousands of years being released.

Seagrass in Scotland

Scotland’s geography offers an ideal habitat for seagrass, with Scotland being home to over 20% of north west Europe’s seagrass coverage. Scotland has two different species of seagrass, with Zostera marina being the most extensive of the two. However, in the last 35 years, seagrass in the UK has declined by over 49%, with a wide range of human impacts responsible for this decline.

Seagrass Restoration Scotland

However this does not have to be the case, seagrass can be an important climate mitigation strategy through restoration. Here at Seagrass Restoration Scotland, we want to act against climate change through restoring this incredibly valuable ecosystem in Scotland.

The Seagrass Restoration Scotland Team

Calum MacDonald

MSc Marine Systems and Policies
University of Edinburgh

BSc Geography
University of St Andrews

Bernadette Butfield
Legal and Field Operations Officer

MSc Marine Systems and Policies
University of Edinburgh

University of West of England Bristol

Seagrass Restoration Scotland Ltd is a registered company SC633552